Write 100-word Reflective Journal on how the attached clinical scenario enhanced your understanding of important communication techniques and what would be incorporated into your individual communication style to improve the nurse-patient/family relationship. Required criteria: 1. 100 word minimum reflection 2. Identifies how this scenario enhanced understanding of communication techniques 3. Addresses how these communication techniques will be incorporated into their own communication style to improve the nurse-patient/family relationship 4. Logical reflective flow which follows standard grammatical rules with minimal (1-2) misspellings

This clinical scenario has provided me with a deepened understanding of important communication techniques and how they can enhance the nurse-patient/family relationship. Firstly, it highlighted the importance of active listening and empathy in building rapport and trust with patients and their families. By actively engaging in the conversation, I can better understand their concerns and needs, establishing a therapeutic relationship. Secondly, it emphasized the significance of clear and concise communication, ensuring that information is effectively conveyed and understood. This can be achieved by using appropriate language and avoiding medical jargon. Lastly, it underscored the necessity of non-verbal communication, such as body language and facial expressions, as these can convey empathy and support. In incorporating these techniques into my own communication style, I aim to improve patient and family satisfaction, enhance health outcomes, and strengthen the nurse-patient/family relationship.