Visit the website: and search for data on COVID 19 and other health concerns in the state of Florida. Refer to the shaded box on page 411 in your textbook, and draft a survey to help aid in data collection for the scenario describedzeel will briefly talk to evaluate the achievement of the goals, Mr. Jennings leaves the room and Mr. Kyzeel calls his wife to begin work on the activities he needs to accomplish. Purchase the answer to view it

COVID-19 and other health concerns in the state of Florida are critical subjects that require accurate data for effective analysis and policymaking. In order to collect this data, a well-designed survey is essential. Based on the information provided in the shaded box on page 411 of the textbook, the following survey has been drafted to aid in data collection for the scenario described.

Survey Title: Health Concerns in the State of Florida

Thank you for participating in this survey. This survey aims to gather information about various health concerns, including COVID-19, in the state of Florida. Your responses will be anonymous and will contribute to the development of strategies to address these concerns. Please answer each question to the best of your knowledge and ability.

Section 1: Demographic Information

1. Age:
– 18-24 years
– 25-34 years
– 35-44 years
– 45-54 years
– 55-64 years
– 65+ years

2. Gender:
– Male
– Female
– Non-binary
– Prefer not to say

3. Ethnicity:
– Caucasian/White
– African American/Black
– Hispanic/Latino
– Asian
– Native American/Alaskan Native
– Other (please specify)

4. Education Level:
– Less than high school
– High school diploma or equivalent
– Some college or associate’s degree
– Bachelor’s degree
– Master’s degree
– Doctorate degree

Section 2: Knowledge and Perception of COVID-19

1. Have you heard about COVID-19?
– Yes
– No

2. How would you rate your knowledge about COVID-19?
– Very knowledgeable
– Somewhat knowledgeable
– Not very knowledgeable
– Not at all knowledgeable

3. Do you believe that COVID-19 is a significant health concern in Florida?
– Strongly agree
– Agree
– Neither agree nor disagree
– Disagree
– Strongly disagree

4. Which sources do you trust for accurate information about COVID-19? (Select all that apply)
– Government health agencies (CDC, WHO, etc.)
– Local health departments
– Medical professionals
– News media
– Social media
– Friends and family
– Other (please specify)

5. How often do you access information about COVID-19?
– Multiple times a day
– Once a day
– A few times a week
– Once a week
– Rarely

Section 3: Health Concerns and Access to Healthcare

1. Besides COVID-19, what other health concerns do you believe are prevalent in Florida? (Please list up to five concerns)

2. Have you personally experienced any of the following health concerns? (Select all that apply)
– Chronic diseases (e.g., diabetes, hypertension)
– Mental health issues (e.g., depression, anxiety)
– Tobacco or substance use disorder
– Infectious diseases (e.g., influenza, sexually transmitted infections)
– Other (please specify)

3. How would you describe your access to healthcare services in Florida?
– Excellent
– Good
– Fair
– Poor
– Very poor

4. What are the primary barriers to accessing healthcare services in Florida? (Please select the top three)
– Cost/affordability
– Lack of health insurance
– Limited healthcare facilities/providers
– Long wait times
– Transportation issues
– Language/cultural barriers
– Other (please specify)

Section 4: Health Behaviors

1. How frequently do you engage in the following behaviors? (Please select one option for each item)
– Washing hands with soap and water
– Using hand sanitizer
– Wearing a face mask in public places
– Maintaining physical distance from others
– Seeking medical attention when feeling unwell

2. Have you received any COVID-19 vaccine doses?
– Yes, I am fully vaccinated
– Yes, I have received one dose
– No, I have not received any doses

3. If you have not received any COVID-19 vaccine doses, what are the main reasons for your decision? (Please select the top three)
– Concerns about vaccine safety
– Lack of information about the vaccine
– Medical contraindications
– Mistrust in the healthcare system
– Other (please specify)

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your responses will contribute to a better understanding of health concerns in the state of Florida and assist in developing effective interventions. Your participation is greatly appreciated.