Use the questions in the table in chapter 3 on page 101 of your textbook as a guide as you write your personal philosophy of nursing. The paper should be three typewritten double spaced pages following APA style guidelines. The paper should address the following: Grading criteria for the Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper: Introduction                                                                            10% Definition of Nursing                                                                20% Assumptions and beliefs                                                         20% Definitions and examples of domains of nursing                        30% Summary                                                                               20% Total              100%


Nursing is a holistic profession that encompasses various domains and requires a deep understanding of the human experience. In this paper, I will outline my personal philosophy of nursing, addressing key aspects such as the definition of nursing, my assumptions and beliefs, and the domains of nursing. By exploring these elements, I hope to provide a comprehensive view of my personal approach to nursing.

Definition of Nursing

To me, nursing is a compassionate and dynamic profession focused on promoting the health and well-being of individuals and communities. It goes beyond the simple act of providing medical care. Nursing involves the art of nurturing, supporting, and advocating for patients in their physical, emotional, and spiritual journeys. It is a profession that requires continuous learning, critical thinking, and skilled interventions to meet the diverse and complex needs of patients.

Assumptions and Beliefs

In my practice of nursing, I hold certain assumptions and beliefs that guide my approach. Firstly, I believe that every individual has the right to receive high-quality healthcare regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, or gender. This belief fuels my commitment to providing equitable care, ensuring that all patients are treated with respect, dignity, and compassion.

Secondly, I believe in the power of collaboration and interdisciplinary care. I am aware that nursing is just one piece of the healthcare puzzle, and therefore, I strive to work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive and holistic care. This collaborative approach ensures that the needs of patients are met from various perspectives, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Thirdly, I believe in the fundamental importance of patient autonomy. Patients should be actively involved in their own care decisions, and their preferences and values should be respected. As a nurse, I strive to empower patients to take control of their health and make informed choices by providing them with the necessary information and support.

Definitions and Examples of Domains of Nursing

Nursing practice is classified into various domains that encompass different aspects of patient care. These domains include the art and science of nursing, nursing practice, the professional role, and the caring relationship.

The art and science of nursing involves the application of evidence-based practice, utilizing scientific knowledge to guide nursing interventions. As a nurse, I rely on current research and evidence to inform my practice, ensuring that the care I provide is both safe and effective. I also recognize the importance of the art of nursing, which involves the development of a therapeutic relationship with patients, displaying empathy, active listening, and therapeutic communication.

Nursing practice encompasses the clinical skills, assessments, and interventions that nurses employ to promote patient well-being. This includes activities such as administering medications, monitoring vital signs, providing wound care, and managing acute and chronic conditions. It is through nursing practice that we have the opportunity to directly impact the health and lives of our patients.

The professional role of nursing includes ethical and legal responsibilities, advocating for patients’ rights, and promoting professional development. Nurses are accountable for maintaining ethical standards, ensuring patient confidentiality, and upholding the values of the nursing profession. This domain also involves engaging in lifelong learning, continuously seeking knowledge and skills to enhance our practice.

The caring relationship is at the core of nursing. It is through building a trusting and therapeutic relationship with patients that we can truly understand their needs, fears, and desires. By demonstrating empathy, respecting cultural diversity, and providing emotional support, nurses can create an atmosphere of healing and comfort for their patients.


In conclusion, my personal philosophy of nursing encompasses a holistic and patient-centered approach. Nursing, to me, is much more than a profession – it is an art, a science, and a lifelong commitment to the well-being of others. With my beliefs and assumptions guiding me, I strive to provide compassionate and equitable care, collaborating with interdisciplinary teams, and empowering patients to take an active role in their healthcare decisions. By understanding and embracing the various domains of nursing, I am equipped to provide comprehensive and holistic care, addressing the diverse needs of individuals and communities.