Topic 1 information in the story indicates that Randi might be a candidate for heart disease? Explain why these items lead to CVD. Topic 2 Discuss why Randi thought this

Topic 1   information in the story indicates that Randi might be a candidate for heart disease? Explain why these items lead to CVD. Topic 2  Discuss why Randi thought this was not a heart attack. Topic 3   can Melanie do immediately to try to save Randi’s life? Topic 4  Assuming that Randi is suffering a myocardial infarction, discuss why it is important that she receive appropriate treatment quickly. Topic 1  Do you think Hernani should reveal his HIV status to South lls Middle School? If so, why? If not, why not? Topic 2  Do you think South lls Middle School would hire Hernani for a coaching job if they knew he was HIV positive? Why or why not? Would the possibility of a team or coaching injury, and the bloodborne transmission of HIV, affect their decision? Topic 3  If South lls Middle School decided that Hernani was not suitable for a coaching job, would they still consider him for the teaching position? Topic 4  How would you feel if your child were in a class Hernani was teaching or on one of the teams he was coaching? Why? Topic 1  Discuss which environmental factors might cause an asthma attack. Topic 2  Discuss what Sylvia might do to find out if her building has an air quality problem. Topic 3   factors did Sylvia and Kelly consider as possible triggers for Sylvia’s frequent attacks? Topic 4  If Sylvia’s inhaler does not control her attack and her condition worsens, what steps should be taken promptly? Why? Topic 1  Gabby is concerned about her emotional eating. reasons besides hunger might cause people to eat? Topic 2  If her weight wasn’t causing any health problems, should she consider having the surgery if she thought it would make her look more attractive? Topic 3  Why is there a very strict diet that patients must follow after bariatric surgery, and why is it sometimes difficult to follow this regime? Topic 4   are some of the dangers associated with any type of surgery? Topic 1  Discuss the long-term repercussions of being a living organ donor? Topic 2  Imagine that you are Josie’s mom or dad and one of your children has the opportunity to save the life of another one of your children. Would you encourage him or her to donate an organ? Topic 3  If Josie decides to donate her kidney and then later chooses to continue playing hockey, what advice should her parents give her? Topic 4   options might be open to Josie’s brother other than having his sister donate a kidney? Topic 1  Which symptoms of Calle’s condition might affect her job? She has been working with the youngest children. Should she consider resigning, or could she ask for a different assignment? Topic 2  Calle and Gabe decide to go ahead with the wedding. If they have children, is there a risk that Calle will transmit this condition? If Calle cannot have children, what other options would enable them to have the family they both want? Topic 3  After their marriage, Calle will be covered by her husband’s health insurance. Calle is ethical in completing her application for this coverage and mentions the MS diagnosis. But she has questions. Where could Calle get information as to whether or not the insurance company will ever cover her for this disease? Will her coverage begin immediately? Topic 4  Calle is an excellent teacher and the children love her. In the past, her coworkers have commented, “I wish I could learn to be as good at this as you are.” Even with multiple sclerosis, could Calle have a future in training other teachers? other positive steps might she contemplate taking?

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