This week students will be completing a power point to discuss of the following cases. First, students should pick one of the ethical cases above and create a power point presentation to address the following: For the presentation, insure information is referenced and cited in your slides. The presentation should start with a title slide and end with a reference slides. At least 3 references are required for this assignment. If you include pictures, your pictures should also be referenced and cited.

Title: Ethical Dilemmas in Contemporary Society

In modern society, we are faced with a multitude of ethical dilemmas that require sensitive analysis and decision-making. This presentation will delve into one of the following ethical cases: (case name) to provide a comprehensive understanding of the ethical implications involved. By examining the key aspects of the case and considering various ethical theories, we aim to shed light on the ethical dimensions and offer potential resolutions.

Slide 1: Title Slide
– Display the title of the presentation and relevant images

Slide 2: Introduction to the Ethical Case
– Provide a brief overview of the selected case, emphasizing the ethical dilemma at its core
– Present pertinent facts and circumstances surrounding the case

Slide 3: Ethical Issues
– Identify and discuss the key ethical issues raised by the case
– Analyze the potential consequences associated with each ethical issue

Slide 4: Utilitarianism Perspective
– Apply utilitarianism, a consequentialist ethical theory, to the case
– Explain the concept of maximizing overall happiness and minimizing harm
– Assess the ethical implications and potential solutions from a utilitarian standpoint

Slide 5: Deontological Perspective
– Introduce deontological ethics and its relevance to the ethical case
– Discuss the importance of moral duties and principles in decision-making
– Analyze the case through the lens of deontological ethics, addressing any conflicts or contradictions

Slide 6: Virtue Ethics Perspective
– Explore virtue ethics and its application to the ethical case
– Discuss the importance of character and moral virtues in ethical decision-making
– Evaluate how the virtuous qualities of individuals involved in the case can impact the resolution

Slide 7: Ethical Analysis and Comparison
– Analyze and compare the ethical perspectives presented (utilitarianism, deontological ethics, and virtue ethics)
– Highlight any similarities, differences, or conflicts among the perspectives

Slide 8: Proposed Resolution
– Offer a proposed resolution to the ethical dilemma based on the analysis conducted
– Justify the proposed resolution using the ethical perspectives discussed
– Discuss any potential limitations or challenges associated with the proposed resolution

Slide 9: Conclusion
– Recap the key points discussed throughout the presentation
– Stress the importance of ethical deliberation and decision-making in contemporary society
– Highlight any lessons or insights gained from examining the case

Slide 10: References
– Provide a comprehensive list of references used in the presentation
– Ensure all sources are properly cited and conform to a consistent referencing style (e.g., APA, MLA)

Note: The presentation should be visually appealing and easy to follow. Utilize appropriate font size, colors, and graphics to enhance the audience’s understanding and engagement. Additionally, consider the time limit for presenting each slide to ensure that the presentation remains concise and informative.