This Unit’s individual project requires you to complete an …

This Unit’s individual project requires you to complete an actual digital forensics report on a case you will create and execute. To get to the digital forensics report needed for the assignment, download the “Digital Forensics Report Template” from the “Digital Investigations” section of the . After going to the Libguide at this location, click on BSIT, then under ITDI: Digital Investigations, open the 4th file down called “Digital Forensics Report Template.” The template includes four sections. You can review already existing cybercrimes or create an example cybercrime in need of an investigation and report. Your report should follow the format below and as illustrated in the uploaded “Digital Forensics” report: Make sure to follow the recommended page count and depth for each section. A good reference for completing this report can be found at . Save the document with your name, course and unit number.  For example: Pat_Jones_ITDI372_Unit5.docx.

The objective of this individual project is to create and execute a digital forensics report on a case of your choosing. In order to complete this task, please download the “Digital Forensics Report Template” from the “Digital Investigations” section of the Libguide. To access the Libguide, navigate to the provided website and click on the BSIT tab. Under the “ITDI: Digital Investigations” section, you will find the template labeled as the fourth file from the top.

The template consists of four sections, which should be followed in order to create a comprehensive report. You have the option to either review existing cybercrimes or fabricate an example cybercrime that requires an investigation and subsequent report. Make sure your report adheres to the format specified below and illustrated in the “Digital Forensics” report uploaded on the platform. It is essential that you observe the recommended page count and depth for each section. To aid you in completing this report, a useful reference can be found at the provided website.

After preparing your report, remember to save the document with your name, course, and unit number. For instance, if your name is Pat Jones and you are enrolled in the ITDI372 course, your document should be saved as “Pat_Jones_ITDI372_Unit5.docx”.

The digital forensics report consists of four sections, each addressing specific aspects of the investigation. These sections are as follows:

1. Introduction:
In this section, provide an overview of the case and its background. Include relevant details such as the date and location of the incident, the nature of the cybercrime, and any initial observations or evidence collected. This section sets the stage for the rest of the report and should give the reader a clear understanding of the context in which the investigation took place.

2. Approach:
Highlight the methodologies, tools, and techniques employed during the investigation. Explain how you collected and preserved evidence, as well as any challenges or limitations encountered. It is important to be thorough in documenting your investigative process in order to establish the credibility of your findings.

3. Analysis:
Present the findings of your investigation in this section. Analyze the evidence collected and provide a detailed account of your observations and conclusions. Use supporting documentation such as screenshots, logs, or any other relevant artifacts to illustrate your analysis. This section should demonstrate your ability to interpret digital evidence and draw accurate conclusions from it.

4. Conclusion:
Conclude your report by summarizing the findings and discussing their implications. Reflect on the significance of your investigation and provide recommendations for future actions or preventive measures that could be taken. This section should leave the reader with a clear understanding of the outcomes of your investigation and their potential impact.

By following the format and guidelines provided in the template, you will be able to prepare a comprehensive digital forensics report that showcases your knowledge and skills in the field.