This paper includes an exhaustive research study using the …

This paper includes an exhaustive research study using the outline below to substantially support your findings. Using the following paper structure format: · You are to write a 10-12 page page research paper. · The paper should be, double-spaced following APA format using a Times New Roman 12-point font. · Page counts do NOT include cover pages, references, or abstract. Treat this as if you had an opportunity to publish in a peer-reviewed business or technology journal. The paper structure should be as follows: · Abstract · Introduction · Problem Statement · Research Analysis · General Findings · Strength Identification relative to disruption · Weakness Identification relative to disruption · Why is this an opportunity? · Why is it a threat? · How does this disruption solve problem X? · Further areas of research to consider · Conclusion · References The grading rubric evaluates the content based on five areas:


This research paper aims to provide an in-depth analysis of a specific problem in the field of business or technology and explore the potential disruption opportunities and threats associated with it. The chosen problem will be examined from various angles, considering both the strengths and weaknesses of the existing systems, and identify how a potential disruption can address the problem effectively. The paper will also suggest further areas of research for consideration.


The introduction section will provide an overview of the chosen problem and its importance in the business or technology sector. It will highlight the relevance of studying disruption in this specific context and outline the objectives of this research paper.

Problem Statement

This section will clearly define and articulate the problem under study. It will present a concise statement, supported by relevant literature, that describes the current situation and the challenges associated with it. The problem statement will set the foundation for the subsequent analysis.

Research Analysis

The research analysis section will investigate and present a comprehensive review of the existing literature on the chosen problem. It will critically analyze the current state of affairs, highlight the main theories and conceptual frameworks, and explore the gaps and limitations in the existing knowledge. This analysis will serve as the basis for identifying the potential for disruption.

General Findings

Based on the research analysis, this section will present the general findings related to the problem. It will summarize the key insights gathered from the literature review and provide a holistic understanding of the problem and its implications.

Strength Identification relative to disruption

In this section, the paper will identify the strengths of the existing systems or solutions in addressing the problem. It will examine the successful aspects, competitive advantages, and positive outcomes of the current approach. This assessment will allow for understanding the potential areas that need to be addressed by any disruptive innovation.

Weakness Identification relative to disruption

The weaknesses of the current systems or solutions will be identified in this section. It will analyze the shortcomings, limitations, and challenges faced by the existing approach, which provide opportunities for disruptive innovations. This understanding will serve as the basis for exploring potential avenues for disruption.

Why is this an opportunity?

Here, the paper will elaborate on why the identified weaknesses present an opportunity for disruption. It will discuss the potential for improvement, innovation, and impact that a disruptive solution can bring to the problem. This section will highlight the prospects for market disruption and new business models.

Why is it a threat?

This section will examine the potential threats posed by the disruptive innovation to the existing businesses, technologies, or systems. It will assess the challenges that may arise from implementing the disruptive solution and the possible resistance from stakeholders. The section will present a balanced analysis of both the opportunities and threats brought by disruption.

How does this disruption solve problem X?

This section will provide a detailed explanation of how the identified disruptive innovation can effectively solve the problem under study. It will present the key features, mechanisms, and strategies employed by the disruptive solution to address the identified weaknesses. The section will establish a strong link between the disruption and the solution to the problem.

Further areas of research to consider

The paper will suggest potential directions for further research to expand the understanding of the identified problem and the disruptive solutions. It will propose novel perspectives, methodologies, or approaches that can contribute to advancing the knowledge in this field.


The conclusion section will summarize the key findings of the research paper and highlight its contributions to the field of business or technology. It will reiterate the significance of the chosen problem, the opportunities for disruption, and the potential implications. The final section will also provide recommendations for future actions based on the research findings.


The list of references will include all the sources cited in the research paper. The references will follow the APA formatting style, ensuring consistency and accuracy in citation.