The personal philosophy must include the following domains: , and . You should include your personal definition of each domain and how these fit into your philosophy of nursing. In preparing your philosophy the faculty require that you review the philosophies of Miami Dade College, Benjamin Leon School of Nursing and at least one hospital. A limit of 1 to 2 pages is acceptable in APA format. The guidance of the assignment rubric should be utilized to achieve maximum points.

Personal Philosophy of Nursing


The field of nursing is complex, constantly evolving, and deeply rooted in the values of compassion, empathy, and holistic care. As a nurse, my personal philosophy centers around three key domains: patient-centered care, lifelong learning, and ethical decision-making. In this essay, I will provide a personal definition of each domain and discuss how these concepts shape my philosophy of nursing. To support the development of my philosophy, I have reviewed the philosophies of Miami Dade College, Benjamin Leon School of Nursing, and the Mayo Clinic.

Domain 1: Patient-Centered Care

Patient-centered care is the foundation of nursing practice. It involves treating each patient as a unique individual with their own biopsychosocial needs, preferences, and values. To provide patient-centered care, nurses must establish therapeutic relationships characterized by trust, respect, and open communication. This domain encompasses the holistic approach to nursing that recognizes the interconnectedness of the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health.

For me, patient-centered care means actively listening to patients, acknowledging their concerns, and involving them in the decision-making process. It requires cultural competence, as I strive to understand and honor the diverse backgrounds and beliefs of my patients. By incorporating their values and preferences into their care plans, I empower patients to take an active role in managing their health.

Domain 2: Lifelong Learning

As a dynamic and ever-changing profession, nursing necessitates a commitment to lifelong learning. This domain emphasizes the importance of staying current with evidence-based practice, advancements in technology, and the latest research findings. Lifelong learning empowers nurses to deliver safe and effective care by continuously updating their knowledge and skills.

To embrace lifelong learning, I will actively engage in professional development activities such as attending conferences, participating in workshops, and pursuing additional certifications. I will also seek out opportunities for mentorship and collaboration with experienced nurses and other healthcare professionals. By engaging in continuous learning, I will remain adaptable and responsive to the evolving needs of my patients and the healthcare system as a whole.

Domain 3: Ethical Decision-Making

Ethical decision-making is an essential aspect of nursing practice. Nurses encounter complex ethical dilemmas that require careful consideration and critical thinking. This domain emphasizes the consistent application of ethical principles in the delivery of care, while respecting the autonomy and dignity of patients.

In my personal philosophy, ethical decision-making entails a commitment to integrity, honesty, and transparency. I will advocate for the best interests of my patients, ensuring that their rights and wishes are protected. I will also strive to maintain confidentiality and uphold professional boundaries. By adhering to ethical standards, I will contribute to a culture of trust and safety while promoting the well-being of both individual patients and the broader community.

Philosophies of Miami Dade College, Benjamin Leon School of Nursing, and Mayo Clinic

By reviewing the philosophies of Miami Dade College, Benjamin Leon School of Nursing, and the Mayo Clinic, I have gained valuable insights and perspectives that have influenced my personal philosophy of nursing. Miami Dade College emphasizes the importance of patient-centered care, lifelong learning, and ethical conduct. Their philosophy aligns closely with my own, affirming the significance of these domains in providing high-quality nursing care.

The Benjamin Leon School of Nursing emphasizes the integration of evidence-based practice, critical thinking, and compassion in nursing. Their philosophy resonates with me, as it reinforces the importance of lifelong learning and ethical decision-making. The promotion of critical thinking skills aligns with my commitment to providing individualized, patient-centered care.

The Mayo Clinic’s philosophy centers around the values of respect, integrity, compassion, healing, and teamwork. Their emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare echoes my belief in collaboration and cooperation with other healthcare professionals. The Mayo Clinic’s commitment to patient-centered care and lifelong learning further reinforces the importance of these domains in my personal philosophy.

In conclusion, my personal philosophy of nursing is built upon the foundational domains of patient-centered care, lifelong learning, and ethical decision-making. By nurturing therapeutic relationships, staying committed to lifelong learning, and adhering to ethical dilemmas, I will ensure the provision of high-quality, patient-centered care. Through the examination of the philosophies of Miami Dade College, Benjamin Leon School of Nursing, and the Mayo Clinic, I have gained deeper insights into the importance of these domains and their support for my personal philosophy.