Professional Organization What type of nursing would you like to practice in your career? Search for a professional organization specific to the specialty to which you aspire. Include the following information in your post: 1. Name of organization and link to the website 2. Purpose of the organization, including mission/vision or philosophy 3. How to become a member (including the price of dues, if applicable) 4. Benefits of joining 5. Would you join this organization? Why or why not?

As an aspiring nursing professional, it is essential to identify a professional organization that aligns with your career goals and aspirations. This organization can provide valuable resources, networking opportunities, and support to help you excel in your chosen field. For the purposes of this assignment, we will focus on a professional organization specific to the specialty of critical care nursing.

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) is a leading professional organization for critical care nurses in the United States. The AACN’s website can be accessed at:

The primary purpose of the AACN is to promote excellence in critical care nursing through education, research, and advocacy. The organization envisions a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients and their families, where critical care nurses are essential partners in achieving optimal outcomes for patients. The AACN’s core values include integrity, collaboration, and innovation. By advocating for the highest standards of patient care and supporting the professional growth of critical care nurses, the AACN aims to improve patient outcomes in critical care settings.

Becoming a member of the AACN is an excellent opportunity to connect with a community of critical care nurses and gain access to various resources. There are different types of membership available, including regular membership, associate membership, and student membership. The annual dues for regular membership currently amount to $96 per year. Associate membership is available to healthcare professionals who are not critical care nurses but work in areas closely related to critical care, such as nurse educators and researchers. The annual dues for associate membership are $120 per year. Student membership is open to pre-licensure nursing students and costs $40 annually.

There are several benefits of joining the AACN. Firstly, members gain access to a wealth of educational resources, including online courses, webinars, and conferences, to enhance their knowledge and skills in critical care nursing. The organization also offers various certification programs, such as the Certification for Adult Critical Care Nurses (CCRN) and the Acute and Critical Care Nursing Certification (AACN-CMC), which can improve professional credibility and advancement opportunities. Additionally, AACN members receive exclusive discounts on AACN publications, including journals and books, as well as discounted registration fees for conferences and events. Members can also engage in networking opportunities by joining regional chapters and special interest groups within the organization.

In considering whether to join the AACN, it is essential to evaluate the alignment of the organization’s mission, values, and resources with your professional goals. The AACN’s focus on promoting excellence in critical care nursing aligns with the aspirations of individuals aiming to excel in this specialty. Additionally, the organization’s emphasis on education, research, and collaboration can provide valuable support and opportunities for professional growth. The benefits offered, including access to educational resources, certification programs, and networking opportunities, further enhance the value of joining the AACN.

As a highly knowledgeable student, I would definitely consider joining the AACN if critical care nursing was my chosen specialty. The organization’s commitment to advancing critical care nursing through education and research aligns with my professional goals, as I strive to continuously improve my knowledge and skills in this field. The access to educational resources, certification programs, and networking opportunities provided by the AACN would greatly contribute to my professional development. Furthermore, being a member of a reputable organization like the AACN can enhance my professional credibility and open doors for career advancement opportunities. Thus, I would highly recommend joining the AACN to any aspiring critical care nurse.