Please reflect on your activity for the week. (Introduction and purpose of maternal mental health) What has gone well? What difficulties have you had? What questions do you currently have regarding your capstone topic? How do you plan to research the answers? With your weekly discussions, please review the Weekly, integrate an into your initial thread.  What and how is the reflected in your capstone.   *** document attached. Please add an introduction and conclusion. 400 words


Maternal mental health refers to the mental and emotional well-being of women during pregnancy and the postpartum period. It is a crucial aspect of overall maternal health and can significantly impact the well-being of both the mother and the child. Understanding and addressing maternal mental health is a key area of focus in public health research and practice. In this reflection, I will discuss my activities for the week and reflect on what has gone well, the difficulties I have encountered, and the questions I currently have regarding my capstone topic on maternal mental health. I will also outline my plans to research the answers to these questions.

Activities and Progress

Over the past week, I have been actively engaging with the literature on maternal mental health to enhance my understanding of the subject. I have reviewed several academic papers, books, and reports to gather insights on the prevailing theories, research findings, and interventions related to maternal mental health. This engagement has been beneficial in developing a comprehensive understanding of the topic and identifying relevant gaps in the existing research that can be explored in my capstone project.

Moreover, I have attended weekly discussions with my academic supervisor and fellow colleagues. These discussions have provided me with an opportunity to share and exchange ideas, seek clarification on concepts that were unclear, and receive feedback on my progress. This collaborative environment has been instrumental in broadening my knowledge base and refining my research questions.

Challenges and Difficulties

While my activities for the week have generally been productive, I have encountered some difficulties along the way. One of the challenges I faced was difficulty in accessing certain academic papers and resources that were relevant to my capstone topic. Despite these limitations, I made efforts to explore alternative sources, such as online repositories and databases, to obtain the necessary information. This experience has highlighted the importance of resourcefulness and adaptability in research.

Another difficulty I encountered was the complexity of the topic itself. Maternal mental health is a multidimensional and multifaceted area of research, encompassing various factors such as socio-cultural influences, biological determinants, and healthcare system considerations. Navigating through this complexity requires a systematic and comprehensive approach, which I am striving to develop through my engagement with the literature and discussions with experts in the field.

Questions and Research Plans

As I delve deeper into my capstone topic on maternal mental health, I have developed several questions that I seek to address through my research. One of the questions I have is: What are the determinants of maternal mental health and how do they vary across different populations? Understanding the factors that contribute to maternal mental health can inform the development of tailored interventions and policies to improve outcomes for women and their children. To research this question, I plan to conduct a comprehensive review of the existing literature and analyze relevant population-based data to identify common determinants and their variations.

Another question I have is: What are the most effective interventions and strategies for promoting maternal mental health? There is a growing body of evidence on various interventions targeting maternal mental health; however, identifying the most effective strategies can be challenging due to the diversity of approaches and contexts. To answer this question, I will review systematic reviews and meta-analyses on interventions for maternal mental health and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches.


In conclusion, my activities for the week have centered around immersing myself in the literature on maternal mental health and developing a comprehensive understanding of the topic. While I have faced some challenges, such as limited access to certain resources and the complexity of the topic itself, I have made efforts to overcome these difficulties. Moving forward, I will continue to engage with the literature, participate in discussions, and refine my research questions to ensure a strong foundation for my capstone project on maternal mental health.