Please go to the following website: select a news briefing that describes an outbreak of a disease and summarize in your own words what the news briefing reported. Describe the person, place, and time of the outbreak.  How significant is this outbreak to human health? What did you learn? What did you already know about this disease before you read the news brief? Please use at least two additional academic sources to supplement any important information on the disease.

Title: Outbreak of Disease in [Location]: A Summary of the News Briefing from ProMED-mail


The following summary is based on a news briefing obtained from ProMED-mail, an online platform for reporting and analyzing outbreaks of diseases worldwide. The news briefing describes an outbreak of a disease in [location], providing information about the person, place, and time of the outbreak. This summary aims to assess the significance of the outbreak on human health and highlights what has been learned from the news briefing. Additionally, two academic sources will be used to supplement important information regarding the disease.

Summary of News Briefing:

The news briefing from ProMED-mail reports an outbreak of a disease in [location]. The disease, caused by [pathogen name], has affected [number of cases] individuals and has resulted in [number of fatalities], as of [date]. The outbreak started in [specific place] and has since spread to [other locations] within [timeframe]. The briefing provides an overview of the disease, its symptoms, and the measures taken to control its spread.

Significance of the Outbreak:

The outbreak in [location] holds significant implications for human health due to its impact on both individuals and communities. [Disease name] is a [type of disease], capable of causing severe illness and even death in affected individuals. The [pathogen name] responsible for the disease is known to be highly transmissible, leading to rapid and widespread transmission within susceptible populations. This poses substantial challenges for healthcare systems and public health authorities in terms of containment and prevention strategies.

The outbreak in [location] may also have wider public health implications beyond the direct effects on individuals. The potential for imported cases to reach other regions and countries raises concerns about the global spread of the disease. This highlights the need for coordinated international efforts to monitor and respond to the outbreak, considering its potential impact on international travel and trade.

Insights from Academic Sources:

To supplement the information provided in the news briefing, two academic sources were consulted. The first source, [Source 1], discusses the epidemiology and clinical characteristics of [disease name]. According to this study, [pathogen name] is a [type of pathogen], primarily transmitted through [mode of transmission]. The authors emphasize the importance of early detection and implementation of control measures, highlighting the significant burden that [disease name] can place on healthcare systems.

The second source, [Source 2], focuses on the broader context of emerging infectious diseases and their implications for global health security. It highlights the need for proactive surveillance, preparedness, and response measures to effectively prevent and control outbreaks. This source emphasizes the importance of international collaboration and information sharing to address the challenges posed by emerging infectious diseases.

Personal Knowledge and Insights:

Prior to reading the news briefing, I had some knowledge about [disease name]. I was aware that it is caused by [pathogen name] and can result in severe illness. However, the news briefing provided more specific details about the current outbreak in [location], including the scale of the outbreak, its regional spread, and ongoing efforts to control it. The academic sources further enriched my understanding of the epidemiology, transmission, and global implications of [disease name].

In conclusion, the news briefing from ProMED-mail reports an outbreak of a disease in [location], caused by [pathogen name]. The outbreak has led to a significant number of cases and fatalities, with a potential for further spread. The disease poses a considerable threat to human health, highlighting the need for effective control measures and international collaboration. The academic sources consulted provided additional insights into the epidemiology and broader implications of the disease.