Page 1 of 4 Project Topics and Guideline 1. Topics Individual Projects The student can choose one of the following topics or may present his own topic. The student must

Page 1 of 4 Project Topics and Guideline 1. Topics Individual Projects The student can choose one of the following topics or may present his own topic. The student must get the lecturer’s approval before starting the work. The offered topics: No. Topic 1. Contemporary Application of Knowledge Management systems in Project /Portfolio Management 2. Research, Discuss and Analyze PRINCE2 as a project management methodology 3. Contemporary Project Management Software Tools UAE context 4. Project Management Certification UAE context 5. The Ergonomics of enterprise systems and technology based work environment 6. Research, Discuss and Analyze the Internet of Everything in the context of Enterprise Systems 7. Role of smart technologies on enterprise systems and management market analysis and trends (UAE context) 8. Contemporary Application of Workflow Management Systems in Project /Portfolio Management 9. Contemporary Application of Corporate Collaborative System (Video Conferencing etc.) in Project /Portfolio Management 10. Application of Due Diligence in Project Management 11. Governance and Business Ethics in IT/IS Enterprises 12. Research, Discuss and Analyze Contemporary Tools Examples Used for the Calculate Market Risks Probabilities, Black-Scholes formula, Binomial approximation, Risk-neutral methods 13. Research, Discuss and Analyze Balanced Scorecard Approach with Its Application In PPM Examples Used to Align PPM Activities to the Vision and Strategy of the Organization 14. Research, analyse and discuss the adoption and implementation of innovative RFID Technology in UAE industry (e.g. Oil & Gas, Hospitality, etc.). 15. Artificial Intelligence and expert systems Technologies in UAE industry (e.g. Oil & Gas, Hospitality, etc.). 16. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) UAE context 17. Supply Chain Management (SCM) UAE context 18. Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) UAE context 19. Research, Discuss and Analyze Big data in the context of Enterprise Systems 20. Data warehouse and data mining in business 21. Decision support Systems (DSS) UAE context 22. IT Career in UAE context. Market Analysis and trends 23. Enterprise utilization of Cloud computing UAE context The individual project is a research assignment on one of the above topics. You need to discuss, carryout market analysis and evaluation. Student may choose the topic as Professional MBA MBA 5603 Enterprise Management Page 2 of 4 available or may provide another topic which is related to the course content that may have an impact upon enterprise management. Real-world examples and applications are needed to be discussed and presented. 2. The Structure of the Essay 1. Cover Page 2. Table of Contents 3. List of figures (if any) 4. List of used acronyms (abbreviations) 5. Definitions 6. Introduction and history Core topic 7. Market analysis, main providers, systems comparison and evaluation You are required to present and a demonstrate features such as pros and cons, strength and weaknesses in respective of the chosen topic. These features must be addressed and presented. 8. Comparison and evaluation UAE vs. International level. 9. Trends, perspectives, recommendations and conclusion. 10.References 3. Presentation Professional PowerPoint presentation: Not more than 5 minutes for individual projects and 5 minutes Q&A. 4. Submission Submit softcopies of the report and presentation. The presentation’s softcopy must be submitted to the lecturer before the presentation! The core of the topic must have a volume of 1500 words Line spacing: 1.5 line spaced pages; font size 11 -12 points. Font type: Arial, calibri or similar. Late submission with no rational excuse will affect your grade! Lecturer’s approval is required for any adaptation or alternations in the above specifications. Copy & paste of complete pages or articles from the Internet or other resources are strictly prohibited. If any information or data is taken from any resource then a citation and referencing are obligatory. Page 3 of 4 5. The Grading Individual project will contribute 30% each to your final grade. The grading of this project will include:  The content of the report and presentation  The form and format of the report and presentation  The delivery of your presentation and discussion 6. Communication Use the following notation whenever you email the lecturer regarding your Project: Individual Projects: MBA5603_FirstName_LastName_Project_TopicTitle:_Subject File names syntax: MBA5603 _ YourFirstName YourLastName_file_name file_name should reflect the content of the file. It will impact your grade negatively if you do not follow these notations! Page4 of 4 Notes:

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