In a 4 – 6 page paper based on your internship course exper…

In a 4 – 6 page paper based on your internship course experience and the learning objectives achieved during the course, review your internship experience successes and challenges leading to growth. You should demonstrate in your paper a description of your professional portfolio and include any evidence of accomplishment and skill development or recognition that you have acquired this session and how it will contribute to your portfolio. Provide at least two (2) peer-reviewed sources 1. Explore various career possibilities. 2. Combine classroom knowledge with an opportunity to learn those disciplines, skills and attitudes which can best be learned on the job; such as: self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility, and initiative. 3. Develop practical skills in a real-world context 4. Enhance a portfolio or resume with practical experience and projects. 5. Cultivate a learning experience, which can lead to job opportunities within the workforce. My internship position:     Project management/Business analyst.

Title: Internship Experience in Project Management/Business Analysis: Successes, Challenges, and Contributions to Professional Growth


Internship opportunities provide students with the unique chance to combine classroom knowledge with practical experience in a professional setting. This paper aims to review my internship experience in the field of project management/business analysis, focusing on the successes and challenges encountered during the internship and how they have contributed to my professional growth. Additionally, this paper will explore my professional portfolio and the evidence of accomplishment, skill development, and recognition acquired during the internship.

Internship Learning Objectives:

1. Explore various career possibilities: The internship allowed me to gain insight into the diverse career opportunities available in the field of project management and business analysis. Through practical experience, I was able to identify the areas that aligned with my interests and future career goals.

2. Combine classroom knowledge with on-the-job learning: The internship provided an opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts learned in the classroom to real-world projects. This integration of classroom knowledge with practical experience enhanced my understanding of project management and business analysis processes. Additionally, it allowed me to develop skills such as self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility, and initiative, which are best learned through hands-on experiences.

3. Develop practical skills in a real-world context: During my internship, I actively participated in various projects, which enabled me to develop practical skills specific to project management and business analysis. Through hands-on experiences, I gained proficiency in conducting risk assessments, creating project plans, analyzing business requirements, and implementing project management methodologies.

4. Enhance professional portfolio and resume: The internship experience offered an excellent opportunity to enhance my professional portfolio and resume. Throughout my internship, I worked on high-impact projects, and the successful completion of these projects served as evidence of my accomplishments. Additionally, the skill development and recognition achieved during the internship have contributed to enriching my professional profile.

5. Cultivate a learning experience for future job opportunities: The internship experience provided a stepping stone towards future job opportunities in the field of project management/business analysis. By demonstrating my capabilities in real-world projects, I have positioned myself for potential job offers within the workforce. The internship has also broadened my network, allowing me to make valuable connections with professionals in the industry.

Internship Position: Project Management/Business Analyst

As a project management/business analyst intern, I was assigned to work on various projects within the organization. My responsibilities included conducting stakeholder analysis, gathering business requirements, assisting with project planning, and contributing to project status reports. I actively collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure the successful execution of projects and to address any challenges that arose during project implementation.

Successes and Challenges:

During my internship, I encountered both successes and challenges that significantly contributed to my professional growth. One of the key successes was my ability to effectively gather business requirements and translate them into actionable project plans. This success was evidenced by receiving positive feedback from project stakeholders and team members.

However, one of the main challenges faced was managing conflicting priorities within project teams. This challenge required me to develop strong communication and negotiation skills to ensure project goals were met. Overcoming this challenge has enhanced my ability to work collaboratively in dynamic team environments.


My internship experience in project management/business analysis provided an excellent platform for building my professional skills, exploring career possibilities, and contributing to my professional portfolio. The successes and challenges encountered have not only facilitated personal growth but also prepared me for future job opportunities in the field. By applying classroom knowledge to real-world projects, I have developed practical skills, enhanced my understanding of project management/business analysis, and reinforced my commitment to pursuing a career in this field.