Identify and describe aspects of your clinical day which may have caused you to feel anxious. Describe how you communicated your feelings of anxiety to your clinical instructor and/or assigned nurse. How did communication with members of the health care team impact your anxiety level? What aspects of patient safety were your focus today? Evaluate your performance of patient care today. Include what you learned and where you feel you could improve, particularly in regard to patient safety.

As a nursing student, there are various aspects of the clinical day that can potentially lead to feelings of anxiety. These can include factors such as the unfamiliarity with the clinical environment, the responsibility of providing care to patients, and the need to apply theoretical knowledge into practice. This essay will identify and describe some of the aspects of the clinical day that may cause anxiety, discuss how I communicated my feelings of anxiety to my clinical instructor and/or assigned nurse, and analyze the impact of communication with the healthcare team on my anxiety level. Additionally, I will outline the aspects of patient safety that were my focus during the clinical day and evaluate my performance in providing patient care. Lastly, I will reflect on what I have learned and identify areas for improvement, particularly in relation to patient safety.

One aspect that may have caused me to feel anxious during the clinical day is the unfamiliarity with the clinical environment. Being in a new setting with different healthcare professionals, equipment, and routines can be overwhelming, especially for a student who is still in the learning process. Uncertainty about the expectations and performance standards can contribute to a sense of anxiety. Furthermore, the responsibility of providing care to patients can generate anxious thoughts and feelings, as there is a fear of making mistakes or not meeting the standards of quality care. The pressure to perform well and the fear of judgment from both the clinical instructor and the healthcare team can also contribute to anxiety.

In terms of how I communicated my feelings of anxiety, I made sure to establish open and honest communication with my clinical instructor and/or assigned nurse. I shared my concerns and anxieties with them, expressing my thoughts and seeking their guidance and support. By opening up about my fears and seeking reassurance, I was able to alleviate some of the anxiety I was experiencing. Furthermore, I actively sought feedback from the healthcare team, particularly regarding the areas in which I felt less confident. This allowed me to gain insight into my performance and identify areas for improvement.

Communication with members of the healthcare team played a crucial role in impacting my anxiety level. By maintaining open lines of communication, I felt more supported and reassured. The feedback and guidance provided by the clinical instructor and the assigned nurse helped to alleviate my anxiety and improve my confidence in performing various nursing tasks. Additionally, the collaboration and teamwork with other healthcare professionals created a sense of camaraderie and mutual support. This teamwork created a safe and conducive environment for learning and allowed me to engage in tasks with less anxiety.

Throughout the clinical day, my focus was centered on aspects related to patient safety. This included adhering to infection control practices, ensuring proper medication administration, and implementing fall prevention strategies. By prioritizing patient safety, I aimed to minimize harm and promote optimal patient outcomes. I actively engaged in hand hygiene practices, double-checked medication dosages, and communicated with the interdisciplinary team regarding any potential risks or concerns. I maintained a vigilant approach towards patient safety and recognized the importance of constantly reassessing the patient’s condition and monitoring for any signs of deterioration.

Evaluating my performance in providing patient care, I believe that I demonstrated competence and commitment to patient safety. However, there were areas where I could improve. Specifically, I could enhance my organizational skills to ensure efficient time management and prioritization of tasks. This would allow me to allocate sufficient time to each patient assessment and intervention, reducing the risk of omitting crucial interventions. Additionally, I recognized the need to develop stronger skills in clinical judgment and critical thinking to make sound decisions in complex situations. By enhancing these skills, I can better identify potential risks and take appropriate action to ensure patient safety.

In conclusion, the clinical day as a nursing student can elicit various feelings of anxiety. Factors such as the unfamiliarity with the clinical environment and the responsibility of providing care to patients can contribute to these anxious feelings. Effective communication with the clinical instructor and healthcare team can help alleviate anxiety and provide guidance and support. Patient safety was a focus of my clinical day, and I prioritized aspects such as infection control, medication administration, and fall prevention. Reflecting on my performance, I identified areas where I can improve, particularly in relation to organizational skills and clinical judgment. Emotional intelligence and self-awareness are essential elements in managing anxiety and continuously improving one’s practice.