Hi Kenya, Your project was submitted at a 34% turnitin (TII) match.  This means that about one third of your paper is lifted or at least not properly cited.  Once I have excluded your references that does not appreciably reduce your TII match to an allowable level.  Therefore, I am assessing your work at a grade of zero and extending an offer of 48 hours for you to revise and resubmit your annotated bibliographies. Please submit by Thursday 9/3/20 by 9pm

Dear [Professor’s name],

Thank you for notifying me about the Turnitin (TII) match percentage for my project. I understand that a 34% match indicates a significant portion of my paper is either copied or not properly cited. Upon review of my references, I see that excluding them does not sufficiently reduce the TII match to an acceptable level. I appreciate your offer to revise and resubmit my annotated bibliographies within the given time frame.

In order to address the issue, I will thoroughly examine my paper to identify any instances of lifted content or improper citations. I will evaluate the areas where the TII match is high and appropriately revise those sections to ensure that they adhere to the principles of academic integrity. My goal is to provide original work with accurate citations that meet the required standards.

To begin with, I will assess the sources that were flagged as having a high similarity index. This will involve checking for direct quotations that are not properly cited, as well as paraphrases or summaries that may not be adequately referenced. I will also review any sections that may have inadvertently used similar language or structure without proper acknowledgement. By examining these specific areas, I will be able to address the sources of the high TII match.

Furthermore, I will conduct an in-depth analysis of the formatting and citation style used in my project. I will make certain that each source is appropriately cited within the text and in the reference list, adhering to the established citation guidelines. By ensuring compliance with the required citation format, I can mitigate any potential issues related to improper citation.

In addition, I will take the opportunity to include more diverse sources in my annotated bibliographies. By expanding the range of references, I can provide a more comprehensive overview of the relevant literature. This will enhance the quality of my work by incorporating a broader range of perspectives and supporting my arguments with a stronger evidence base.

Given the 48-hour time frame, I will prioritize the revision of my annotated bibliographies. I understand the importance of carefully reviewing each annotation to ensure that it is accurate, concise, and effectively communicates the main findings and contributions of the respective sources. I will also pay close attention to the formatting requirements for the annotations, including font style, alignment, and indentation, to ensure consistency and professionalism.

To facilitate this revision process, I will utilize available resources such as academic writing guides, citation manuals, and online databases to verify the correct citation style and format. I will also consider seeking assistance from writing tutors or attending writing workshops for guidance and feedback on my revised annotated bibliographies.

In conclusion, I acknowledge the issue with the high TII match in my project and appreciate the opportunity to revise and resubmit my annotated bibliographies. I will thoroughly review my work, identify areas of concern, and make the necessary revisions to ensure that my paper meets the required standards of academic integrity. I will also strive to improve the quality of my work by including a broader range of sources in my annotated bibliographies. Thank you once again for your understanding and support.

[Your Name]