Here I will enclosed the that entails each week what part of the project we should be working on, T -which gives details of how paper should be (18 pages), -giving details  reflecting  the paper project and – where we have to input how many hours spent each week researching etc to which we have to input hours spent  All that need to be done this week is the login for journal. My topic for paper will be the homeless and diabetes

Project Timeline:

Week 1: Research and Introduction
– Spend 10 hours researching on the topic of homelessness and diabetes
– Start gathering relevant academic sources
– Write the introduction section of the paper

Week 2: Literature Review
– Spend 15 hours conducting a comprehensive literature review on homelessness and diabetes
– Analyze and evaluate the existing research in the field
– Begin writing the literature review section of the paper

Week 3: Methodology
– Spend 10 hours designing a suitable research methodology for investigating the relationship between homelessness and diabetes
– Decide on appropriate data collection methods (e.g., surveys, interviews, observations)
– Start writing the methodology section of the paper

Week 4: Data Collection
– Spend 20 hours carrying out data collection activities, such as conducting interviews or surveys with homeless individuals and healthcare professionals
– Carefully record and organize the collected data
– Begin analyzing the data for any initial findings

Week 5: Data Analysis
– Spend 15 hours analyzing the collected data using appropriate statistical techniques
– Interpret the findings and identify any significant patterns or trends
– Start writing the results section of the paper

Week 6: Discussion
– Spend 10 hours critically discussing the results obtained from the data analysis
– Relate the findings to prior research and existing literature
– Start connecting the results to theories and concepts related to homelessness and diabetes

Week 7: Conclusion and Recommendations
– Spend 10 hours writing the conclusion section of the paper, summarizing the findings and their implications
– Provide recommendations for future research or actions to address the issue of diabetes in the homeless population
– Start editing and revising the entire paper for coherence and clarity

Week 8: Finalizing the Paper
– Spend 15 hours revising and editing the paper to ensure accuracy, readability, and proper citation format
– Proofread the paper for any grammatical or spelling errors
– Make any necessary revisions based on feedback from peers or mentors

Week 9: Presentation Preparation
– Spend 10 hours preparing a presentation summarizing the key findings and recommendations of the research paper
– Create visually engaging slides and practice delivering the presentation

Week 10: Presentation and Submission
– Give the presentation to the class or relevant audience, showcasing the research conducted on homelessness and diabetes
– Submit the final version of the research paper, including all necessary sections and references

Regarding the specific login information for the journal, please provide more details so that I can assist you further.