Ethical Topic Paper (APA format) 1. 1-2 pages (excluding title and reference page) discussing both the pro and cons of your position/opinion on the ethical dilemma. 2. Minimal 1-2 professional references (no blogs) TOPICS: 1. DNR 2. Organ donation 3. Blood conservation (Jehovah ’s Witness, vegan, etc.) 4. Incivility (bullying) 5. HIV status withheld from partner 6. Domestic violence under reporting 7. Impaired healthcare worker underreported 8. HIPPA 9. Informed consent 10. Under reporting of unsafe nursing practice

Ethical Topic Paper: Under Reporting of Unsafe Nursing Practice

The under reporting of unsafe nursing practice is a crucial ethical issue within the healthcare industry. It pertains to the failure of healthcare workers, specifically nurses, to disclose and report instances of unsafe practice or potential patient harm. This paper will discuss both the pros and cons of the position/opinion on the ethical dilemma of under reporting unsafe nursing practice.

One potential argument in favor of under reporting of unsafe nursing practice is the protection of professional reputation. Healthcare professionals, including nurses, strive to maintain their standing in their respective fields. Reporting incidents of unsafe practice may lead to negative consequences such as damage to professional reputation, potential job loss, or legal consequences. In situations where a nurse believes that no immediate harm was caused and the situation is rectifiable, they may be inclined to avoid reporting in order to safeguard their professional standing.

Another perspective is that under reporting may be considered a form of protecting the team or organization. In healthcare settings, teamwork is crucial for patient care and safety. Reporting instances of unsafe practice may lead to disciplinary actions or investigations, which could disrupt the team’s dynamics and decrease morale. In some cases, nurses may choose to handle the situation at an individual level, addressing the issue with the colleague directly or seeking guidance from superiors, without formally reporting it.

The under reporting of unsafe nursing practice raises significant ethical concerns due to the potential harm to patients. Patient safety is paramount in healthcare, and a nurse’s duty is to prioritize it above all else. Every incident of unsafe practice should be reported to ensure that necessary actions are taken to prevent future harm. Failure to report unsafe practice may result in prolonged exposure of patients to avoidable risks, leading to potential injuries or worsening of their health conditions.

Moreover, under reporting violates the principles of transparency and accountability. Healthcare institutions rely on accurate reporting mechanisms to identify areas of improvement and overall patient safety. When unsafe practice goes unreported, it becomes challenging to identify patterns and implement necessary changes to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. This lack of transparency prevents the healthcare system from functioning optimally and puts patients at risk.

Additionally, under reporting undermines the trust and integrity of the nursing profession. Nurses are expected to adhere to a code of ethics that prioritizes patient well-being and advocates for their rights. Failing to report unsafe practice can be seen as a violation of these ethical principles, leading to erosion of trust between healthcare professionals and patients. Moreover, the under reporting of unsafe practice may perpetuate a culture of silence, where nurses do not feel comfortable voicing their concerns or reporting incidents, thus hindering opportunities for improvement within the healthcare system.

The under reporting of unsafe nursing practice presents various ethical challenges. While concerns regarding professional reputation and team dynamics exist, they must be weighed against the fundamental principles of patient safety, transparency, accountability, and professional integrity. It is essential for nurses to prioritize the well-being of patients and ensure that each incident of unsafe practice is reported promptly and appropriately. By doing so, the healthcare system can work towards continuous improvement and enhanced patient outcomes.