Day 2 journal I need a journal of my 2nd day at Bethany Child Development located in Miami gardens Google Bethany Daycare in Miami Gardens Florida 1- Date of activity, 2- Introduction  =120 hours community clinical  rotation Play yard. Toileting, Hand washing Help setting tables for lunch, and mat for naps Play with them draw on the paper Observe their fine and gross motor. Observe their daily routines Record log, entertained them (Personal Reflection) self evaluation

Day 2 Journal: Bethany Child Development

Date: [Insert Date]

This journal entry reflects my experiences and observations during my second day at Bethany Child Development, a daycare facility located in Miami Gardens, Florida. As part of my 120-hour community clinical rotation, I had the opportunity to engage with the children in various activities, including playtime in the yard, assisting with toileting and handwashing, preparing tables for lunch, setting up mats for naptime, drawing on paper with the children, and observing their fine and gross motor skills. Throughout the day, I recorded my observations and engaged with the children in order to provide a nurturing and entertaining environment for them.

Play Yard:
During my time in the play yard, I had the chance to interact with the children and participate in their play activities. I observed how they utilized their fine and gross motor skills to engage with their surroundings. For instance, I noticed a group of children playing with colorful balls, using both their hands and feet to kick and catch the balls. This demonstrated their developing gross motor skills, as they were able to coordinate their movements to interact with the objects in their environment. Additionally, I observed some children engage in more fine motor activities, such as using small toys and objects to build structures or engage in pretend play. It was interesting to see their dexterity and hand-eye coordination developing as they manipulated these objects.

Toileting and Handwashing:
As part of my responsibilities, I assisted the children with toileting and handwashing routines. I ensured that each child had access to the appropriate facilities and materials, such as child-sized toilets and sinks with soap and towels. I observed and documented the level of independence demonstrated by each child during these routines. Some children displayed a high level of proficiency in these self-care tasks, while others required more assistance and guidance. This experience not only allowed me to support the children in their daily routines but also provided valuable insight into their level of independence and self-care skills.

Lunch Preparation:
Helping to set tables for lunch provided an opportunity for me to engage with the children and assist them in preparing for their mealtime. I ensured that each child had a designated seat and the necessary utensils for their meal. This activity fostered their sense of responsibility and independence, as they were encouraged to participate in setting the table and taking ownership of their mealtime routine. By involving the children in these tasks, we promoted their fine motor skills, as they practiced grasping utensils and arranging items on the table.

Mat Setup for Naps:
In preparation for naptime, I assisted in setting up mats for the children to rest on. This involved arranging the mats in a designated area, ensuring sufficient space between each mat, and providing pillows and blankets for their comfort. I observed how the children transitioned from their play activities to settling down for naptime. It was important to create a calm and soothing environment to facilitate a smooth transition. This experience allowed me to recognize the importance of establishing consistent nap routines in promoting the children’s overall well-being and development.

Drawing Activities:
To entertain the children, I engaged in drawing activities with them. I provided paper and crayons, allowing the children to freely express their creativity through art. It was fascinating to observe their differing artistic abilities and preferences. Some children demonstrated advanced drawing skills, while others focused more on exploratory marks and random patterns. This activity not only stimulated their creativity but also encouraged fine motor development as they practiced controlled movements with the crayons.

Observations and Recording:
Throughout the day, I made a conscious effort to observe and record my observations of the children’s behavior, development, and interactions. I noted any notable milestones in their fine and gross motor skills, social interactions, and emotional development. This allowed me to gain a clearer understanding of each child’s individual strengths and areas for further growth. Additionally, documenting these observations enabled me to provide feedback to the daycare staff and parents, fostering ongoing communication and collaboration in supporting the children’s development.

Personal Reflection and Self-Evaluation:
In reflecting on my experiences during the second day at Bethany Child Development, I recognized the importance of providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for the children. Engaging with them in various activities allowed me to observe their development and contribute to their overall well-being. This experience highlighted the significance of fostering independence and promoting fine and gross motor skills in the early childhood years. Moving forward, I aim to continue refining my observational skills and utilizing them to support the children’s growth and development.