Course Description:This course examines the role of the nurse in advanced practice in the clinical, primary care, education, administration, research, healthcare specialty, health policy, and political arenas. The historical role of the nurse, nursing theory and leadership models within a variety of healthcare regulatory models provide the basis for self-reflection, self-mastery, professional integrity, and ethical decision making to help the student transition from clinical expert to the advanced practice role.  (4 credits) A minimum grade of B is required to pass this course. Introduce yourself to the class! Your introduction should cover the following details: · Your name · Your location · Your profession · Your work experience · Your expectations from this course and interest in specific aspects of this course · At least two objectives you hope to achieve through this course and the way you will attain these objectives In addition, provide answers to the following questions: · What are your career goals? · Where would you like to work? · Discuss your current profession and how this course relates to your professional interests or goals.

Hello class, my name is [Student Name] and I am excited to be a part of this course on the role of the nurse in advanced practice. I am currently located in [Location] and have been working as a nurse for [number of years]. Throughout my nursing career, I have gained diverse experience in various healthcare settings such as [list work experience].

Expectations and Interests:
I am particularly interested in exploring the different roles of advanced practice nurses in areas such as clinical practice, primary care, education, administration, research, healthcare specialties, health policy, and politics. I believe that understanding these different arenas where advanced practice nurses can make a significant impact will help me broaden my perspective and enhance my professional growth.

Through this course, I hope to achieve the following objectives:

1. Gain a deep understanding of the historical role of the nurse and its evolution over time: I want to explore how nursing as a profession has transformed and how this transformation has influenced the current role of nurses in advanced practice.

2. Develop skills in self-reflection, self-mastery, professional integrity, and ethical decision making: As I transition into the advanced practice role, I recognize the importance of these skills in providing quality, patient-centered care and in maintaining professional standards.

Career Goals:
In terms of my career goals, I aim to advance in the field of nursing and become an advanced practice nurse in the near future. I believe that acquiring advanced knowledge and skills through this course will equip me to excel in this role and have a greater impact on patient care and healthcare outcomes.

Preferred Work Setting:
While I am still exploring my options, I am interested in working in a primary care setting. I find the opportunity to build long-term relationships with patients and provide comprehensive care appealing. However, I am also open to exploring other healthcare settings and specialties as I continue to gain more knowledge and experience.

Relevance to Current Profession:
Currently, I am working as a [describe current profession]. This course directly relates to my professional interests and goals as it offers a comprehensive exploration of the advanced practice nurse’s role. It will allow me to develop a deeper understanding of the various aspects of advanced practice nursing and provide me with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in this field. I believe that this course will not only enhance my current profession but also open doors for future career opportunities.

In conclusion, I am eager to embark on this journey of exploring the role of the nurse in advanced practice. I hope to gain a deep understanding of the historical and current landscape of nursing, develop important skills, and achieve my career goals. I look forward to engaging with my fellow classmates and instructors in meaningful discussions and collaborative learning throughout this course.