A client is to receive lovenox 40 mg daily subcutaneously for prophylaxis following hip surgery. Available is 100 mg/mL. How much would the nurse administer? Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity:  Math ​ A client is prescribed digoxin (Lanoxin).  What are contraindications/precautions for the use of digoxin (Lanoxin)? Suggested Pharmacology Learning Activity:  Heart Failure A client has been prescribed pregabalin for simple partial seizures. What is a contraindication for this medication? Suggested Pharmacology Learning Activity:  Neurological System Chronic Disease

Lovenox (enoxaparin) is a medication commonly used for prophylaxis against blood clots following hip surgery. The dose prescribed is 40 mg daily, and the available concentration is 100 mg/mL. To determine how much lovenox the nurse would administer, we can use a simple calculation.

To calculate the amount of medication required, we can use the following equation:

Amount of medication (ml) = prescribed dose (mg) / concentration (mg/ml)

In this case, the prescribed dose is 40 mg and the concentration is 100 mg/mL. Plugging these values into the equation, we get:

Amount of medication (ml) = 40 mg / 100 mg/mL

Simplifying, we find that the nurse would administer 0.4 mL of Lovenox.