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1) APA 6th Ed format 2 ) Due 4 October 0900PM UTC 3) 4 Pages 4) 4 References 5) Flagiarism Free ——————————— IT GOVERNANCE Assignment Overview Many firms are using Big Data to power their decision making. Here is a chance to see how firms are using Big data and how it impacts their decision making. Case Assignment For Big Data, find a case study and describe the use of Big Data in that firm and provide as much detail as you can about how the system is set up as well as the benefits. Go to https://www.teradata.com/Resources?AssetType=Case+Studies    and select your case. Assignment Expectations Identify the case study you located in Teradata.com. Provide a description of how Big Data is used by the firm in the case study. Be sure to provide as much as you can about the technical details of how the system was implemented and used.

Using Big Data to Power Decision Making: A Case Study Analysis


In today’s digital era, the amount of data generated and accumulated by organizations has grown exponentially. With the rise of advanced analytical techniques and technologies, such as Big Data, firms have a unique opportunity to harness this wealth of information for their decision making processes. This assignment aims to explore a case study from Teradata.com to understand how a firm effectively utilizes Big Data to facilitate its decision making. The selected case study will be analyzed to examine the technical details of how the Big Data system was implemented and the benefits it provides.

Case Study Selection: Teradata.com

Teradata.com offers a comprehensive collection of case studies showcasing how various organizations leverage Big Data to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. For the purpose of this assignment, a case study titled “Transforming Customer Experience with Big Data Analytics” will be selected as the primary source of analysis. This case study focuses on a telecommunications company that successfully implemented a Big Data analytics solution to enhance their customer experience and maximize business outcomes.

Utilization of Big Data in the Firm

According to the case study, the telecommunications company recognized the potential of Big Data in transforming their customer experience and overall business operations. They adopted a Big Data analytics platform, which involved implementing a sophisticated infrastructure capable of capturing, organizing, storing, and analyzing vast amounts of both structured and unstructured data. The company streamlined their processes to efficiently integrate data from diverse sources, including customer interactions, social media, call records, and network performance metrics, among others.

Technical Details of System Implementation

The case study highlights several technical aspects of the implemented Big Data system. Firstly, the telecommunication company deployed a high-performance data warehouse that leveraged Teradata’s integrated platform, designed specifically for handling Big Data. This platform facilitated the seamless integration of multiple data sources and enabled complex analytical operations at scale.

Additionally, the company utilized advanced analytics tools, such as machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling techniques, to extract actionable insights from the integrated data. These tools helped in identifying patterns and trends within the vast amount of customer data available, allowing the company to personalize their services, optimize network performance, and develop targeted marketing strategies.

Furthermore, the company incorporated real-time data processing capabilities into their Big Data system. The architecture enabled continuous data ingestion, processing, and analysis, giving the company the ability to make timely and informed decisions. By leveraging real-time insights, they were able to address customer concerns promptly, detect network issues before they escalated, and respond quickly to market trends and demands.

Benefits of Big Data Utilization

The implementation of the Big Data analytics solution resulted in several notable benefits for the telecommunications company. Firstly, the company enhanced their understanding of customer behavior and preferences by analyzing their interactions, feedback, and social media sentiments. This led to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, as the company could tailor their services to meet individual needs and preferences.

Secondly, the company achieved significant cost savings and operational efficiencies by optimizing network performance based on real-time data analysis. Proactive network monitoring and swift issue resolution minimized downtime, resulting in improved service reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Thirdly, the utilization of Big Data enabled the company to gain a competitive edge by uncovering new revenue-generating opportunities. The analysis of customer data and market trends helped them identify untapped market segments, develop targeted marketing campaigns, and launch new products and services that catered to specific customer demands.


The case study selected from Teradata.com exemplifies the effective utilization of Big Data in transforming decision making processes within a telecommunications company. By implementing a sophisticated Big Data analytics platform, the company was able to integrate and analyze diverse data sources, generate valuable insights, and optimize their operations accordingly. The technical details of the system implementation, including the deployment of a high-performance data warehouse and real-time data processing capabilities, played a crucial role in achieving the desired outcomes. The benefits of leveraging Big Data ranged from improved customer satisfaction and loyalty to cost savings and revenue growth through enhanced service reliability and market responsiveness. This case study serves as a compelling demonstration of how Big Data can power decision making in organizations, revolutionizing their ability to stay competitive in today’s data-driven world.